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When it gets close to festival season, ideas about what to wear fly around online, with the latest ranges from the highstreet, but do the major brands have what you want to show off your true self at a major event or festival?

We want our clothes to be right; bright, sparkly and with a sprinkling of sass. It can often be a struggle to find exactly what you are looking for by going to the high street, especially if you are aiming to look like half the fans attending festivals like Miami, Coachella, and Glastonbury (to name a few).

Cue Tiger; a festival fashion influencer with nearly 100k followers and co-founder of popular festival brand Easy Tiger, who is making all our dream dancing outfits a reality.

Tiger explains that festivals are a place that people tend to really let go, where people don’t really care about what people think, they just enjoy themselves, and this is shown in more ways than one, including their clothing.

So, with British festival season fast approaching and Coachella about to kick off its second weekend, it is important to think about where you will be getting your next outfit for the events you have planned.

What makes fabulous festival style?

Festival style is all about being different and unique. It’s good to see how people unleash their creativity in their styling.


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