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You’re one of two types of people when you’re packing for a festival; those who pack very little and like to risk the elements by not taking too much, and those who plan weeks in advance and seemingly take everything with them bar the kitchen sink.

Which category do you fall into?

If you are a seasoned festival goer then chances are you have it all in hand way before you travel, however for some people it can become a panic to say the least. What essential items do you really need, and which ones can you do without?

There is a wealth of information on the Fest Intentions website and a load of FAQ’s from customers in the SOS Centre which we have done our best to answer. If you want to chat to other festivals fans then you can also check out our Community Site which is launching later into 2018, in there you can chat to likeminded music fans to ask them questions too.

Until then check out our Essential Selections 2018 Guide which has a useful list of items you may want to think about taking with you, regardless which festival or event you are planning on attending.

A Tent
For when you actually want to sleep (or do other things that require privacy). You can buy basic camping kits on site, but you are best buying the better quality ones before you travel, and saving money in the process. Don’t leave it to chance, after all the festival might run out?

Ear Plugs
One of the must-have festival items, because you want to sleep … sometimes? The bass from the Main Stage, or even the noise made by the couple having fun in the next tent, can keep you awake even when all you want is a few hours. With a pair of ear plugs, you will be able to block out the noises around you, and sleep like a baby.

Waist Pack
The best place to put all your small valuables. You can carry them around with ease, and you can even sleep with them on you (just make sure not to put anything fragile, like your glasses or your phone) in there. But a waste pack is perfect for keeping your cash, cards and documents within reach at any time.

Head Torch
For the moments when it’s dark, and you need both your hands to be free. A head torch can be an essential item when trying to find your way around your tent.

First Aid Kit
Be sure to pack any prescription meds you need to take during the festival, and add all the generics – painkillers, band-aid, disinfectant and so on. The first aid kit is also the perfect place to store your spare glasses or contacts.

Personal Hygiene Kit
Never leave home without your toothbrush, razor and sanitary wipes. The first two are on the essential items list, as no matter how great the festival feeling would be, you’ll still want to be well-groomed and good-smelling. The sanitary wipes can have many uses – they can double as a hand sanitizer, toilet paper, or even deodorant.

For the sunny days (you hope), it’s not easy to keep your burnt skin untouched, just make sure to choose the right value sunscreen for your skin.

A Hat
Speaking of sunny days – heat stroke is not a joke. Better keep your head covered.

A Poncho
The other extreme, if it rains you need to protect yourself with waterproofs.

A Solar Charger
Because power outlets can be hard to come by at a music festival. A solar charger can take care of your phone’s energy needs while you sleep and get charged while you’re partying.

An Air Bed
Because sometimes even the sweetest sleep is disrupted by the hard floor underneath, an air bed can be great. Not to mention that having fun feels much better on a soft, bouncy surface. Besides, it can even double as a raft should you find it pours down and you need to get around the festival.

Essential Festival Kit
Many of the above essential items are included in festival essentials kits which you can buy, just make sure you buy the right one as there are cheaper ones and more expensive ones.

Check out the full Essential Selections 2018 Guide for items to take to festivals by visiting the Fest Intentions SOS Centre.


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